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Weight 143g ± 3g
Dimensions 12.6 x 8.6 x 2.25 cm
Colour White
Material flame resistant ABS+PC
Power Source 4 x AA batteries / Micro USB(5V/2A)
Battery Life  8-12 months (WiFi only), 1-2 months (WiFi and SIM), 1-4 weeks (SIM)*
Screen 10.4 x 5cm (4.4’’)
Ports 2 x Micro USB, the USB 2 is embedded with RS485 interface
Type of SIM Card Micro SIM card
External Probe Supports DS18B20 x 2, and TH30S-B x 1 / Soil probe x 1 /  PT-100 x 1

*The quoted battery life was tested using VARTA industrial batteries under stable signal conditions with default synchronisation and sampling settings.