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Ubibot GS2 EC PH Monitor--2.4GHz WiFi

Ubibot GS2 EC PH Monitor--2.4GHz WiFi

EC & PH monitor, specialist in hydroponics

    $ 369.00 USD


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  • Free App & email alerts
  • Instant data visualization via LCD screen
  • Data sync via WiFi cable connectivity
  • 24/7 temperature & humidity monitoring
  • RS485 interface, EC & PH value probe
  • Multiple power supply methods
  • Larger internal storage with up to 300,000 records
  • No hub required

Belong to the Ubibot GS series, the Ubibot GS2 series of devices retains the original sturdy shell and the durable characteristics, but it is totally different types of devices. It is an EC & PH value monitoring device, specially designed for the agricultural hydroponic industry.

By connecting the external EC / PH probes, the readings can be monitored and displayed on the large LCD screen for instant view. After configurating with WiFi, the readings can be synced to our platform for storage, online data analysis, alert triggering, etc. There are on-board knobs that allow you to calibrate the EC / PH probe accuracy by immersing the probe tip into the solutions. Easy to operate, friendly to new users.

Except for the probe readings, time and on-board memory usage can also be displayed on the screen.

The platform the GS2 connected to via WiFi is still the Ubibot self-developed Big Data IoT platform, where all types of devices can be added into one account so that you are able to view all of them at a time.  Remote visualiasation, data sharing, alert notifications, report exportation, long term storage, all these features are integrated. You only need to set up the device, and we will offer you all of them on your hand. We not only launched the app, but also developed web console ( So, no matter if you need a quick glance at the data, or you want to do individual settings for business uses, you will have more options than others.  

Same as GS1 devices, GS2 also has internal 2900 mAh lithium battery and can be charged on Type-C USB cable, DC 5-12V power supply. Please note, due to adapter changes across the world, we currently only provide USB cable for you. You can use your phone's charger or find one in your local store. The DC 5-12V charger is common on amazon or local store.


● 1 x GS2 device
● 1 x DS18B20
● 1 x External antena
● 1 x Manual book
● 1 x EC probe
● 1 x PH probe

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