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Ubibot Smart Plug - SP1 WiFi 2.4GHz only Version

WiFi powered smart plug, connect and automate everything

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  • WiFi enabled wireless controller
  • Remotely control and schedule everything
  • Work with IFTTT, automate your everyday life
  • Embedded probe interface, external probe can be connected
  • Smart temperature and humidity monitor
  • Smart temperature alarm, automatically condition management
  • Cloud-based platform, free to access, no subscription fees.
  • No hub required

The Ubibot Smart Plug is an automation partner for your smart home and IoT industry.

With Ubibot smart plug, you are able to remote control other devices connected with it, such as fans, coffee machine, etc. You can schedule your life via the mobile app by setting timer. The most prominent feature is that it supports external probes connection. It can monitor the environmental conditions and sync the data to the cloud. With the automation rules you set, it will turn on the air conditioner automatically without any manual operations. It can also trigger alerts for extreme conditions, such as over heating. And you will be notified by several modes, free email alerts, free app notifications, SMS texts, voice call and web notifications.

You can enjoy free cloud storage without any subscription fees. The basic plan which contains 200MB storage and 1 GB monthly outbound traffic fits most of our customers.

Giving you peace of mind and saving you more time to enjoy life.

Weight 50g ± 3g
Dimensions 6.4 x 11.7 x 3.5 cm
Colour White
Material flame resistant ABS+PC
Switch Type button
Plug Standard Compatible with Europe, the USA, China standards
Working Environment -10℃ to 60℃( 14℉ to 140℉)
Power Rating 3520W
Power Specifications 16A MAX, 240V
Compatibility Android 4.0+, iOS 7.0+
Communications WiFi
WiFi Specifications 2.4GHz, channels 1-13 (5GHz WiFi NOT supported)

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