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UbiBot Water Resistant Case for Outdoor Use

Protect your devices from light rain, spray or dust; working with WS1 and WS1 Pro

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  • High-quality materials help to withstand harsh conditions
  • Protects your device from rain, spray and dust
  • Simple to use and install – hanging and securing straps included
  • Transparent window for accurate light monitoring
  • Large enough for any ubibot device including ws1pro
  • Designed to work with external temperature probes

This cover is specifically designed to protect WS1 and WS1 Pro from rain, spray, and dust. The cover is made of high-quality PVC and offers all-round protection. The clip at the top securely fastens the cover and prevents water from getting in. The transparent front window allows the light meter to function and, with the WS1 Pro, allows you to read the screen.


  • Made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh conditions
  • Protects your device from rain, spray, and dust
  • Transparent window for easy and accurate monitoring of light
  • Designed to work with external temperature probes
  • Simple to use and install – hanging and securing straps included


In the bottom corner of the cover, there is a small hole through which the external probe can be connected to WS1 or WS1 Pro. This means the cover isn’t completely waterproof and hence should never be immersed in water.

WS1 More details
WS1 Pro WiFi Version More details
WS1 Pro Sim Version More details
Weight 130 g
Dimensions 14.5 x 21 cm
Material PVC
Items included 1 x Cover, 1 x hanging tape, 1 x secure strap, 1 x water resistant cover, 1 x detachable hanging tape; 1 x securing strap

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