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Environmental Sensors

UbiBot WS1 Pro - 2.4GHz WiFi and SIM version
UbiBot WS1 Pro Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Cloud-based digital temperature humidity and light sensor with 4.4" LCD screen. External probe extension available. Two types of networking modes 2.4Ghz WiFi and 4G.
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Regular price €191,95
UbiBot GS1-AL4G1RS
UbiBot GS1 Industrial Grade Environmental Monitoring Sensor
Industrial-grade cloud- based wireless environmental monitoring sensor. Supports multi-parameter monitoring of temperature, humidity, light, CO2, soil moisture, smoke alarms and more. Multiple network connectivity options.
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Regular price €229,95
Ubibot GS2 EC PH Monitor--2.4GHz WiFi & 4G
UbiBot GS2 Liquid EC PH Monitor
Cloud-based industrial grade liquid EC PH monitor. Two types of network WiFi & 4G. IP65. Temperature, liquid EC and pH can be monitored.
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Regular price €54,95