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UbiBot Developer Membership



Who Should Enroll: If you're interested in configuring UbiBot devices to connect to your own private server or platform, join the UbiBot Developer program.  Membership includes the following benefits and resources: 

  • UbiBot device API and settings of all product models. 
  • UbiBot server implementation guide
  • UbiBot commercial license for private deployment
  • UbiBot server-side quick-start SDK (PHP):  demo code showing how device activation and data sync processes are carried out.
  • User guide for building a private IoT platform utilising UbiBot devices. 
  • Unlock configuration limits: such as allowing devices to sense or sync more frequently, e.g. at every 1 second.   
  • UbiBot firmware update tools.
  • Access to UbiBot beta devices
  • Access to UbiBot beta releases
  • Advanced API capabilities
  • Development support
  • Volume order discounts
  • Partner with us
  • The device API and server SDK for future device models such as smart WiFi/4G plugs, motion sensing devices will also be provided. 




  • Platform customization
  • Settings customization
  • Specification of code and interface
  • Reduce development time
  • Data security



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